Movie Sets

Marcello Mastroianni
Used People
Astoria, NYC 1991

Marcello Mastroianni Used People Astoria, NYC 1991

Al Pacino, Carlito's Way
East Harlem, NYC 1992 Barbara Streisand
The Prince of Tides
Central Park
NYC 1990 Brad Pitt
Devils Own
City Hall
NYC 1997 Cher, Faithful
NYC 1995 David Caruso
Greenwich Village
NYC 1995 Francis Ford Coppola
The Godfather lll
Little Italy, NYC 1989 Jack Nicholson
As Good As It Gets
Greenwich Village
NYC 1996 James Woods and 
Michael J. Fox
The Hard Way
Upper West Side
NYC 1990 Jennifer Aniston 
and Ben Stiller
Along Came Polly
Lower Easr Side
NYC 2003 Kathy Bates
Used People
Brooklyn, NYC 1991 Marcello Mastroianni
Used People
Astoria, NYC 1991 Marlon Brando
The Freshman
Little Italy, NYC 1989 Nick Nolte
The Prince of Tides
Soho, NYC 1990 Patrick Swayze
To Wong Foo,
Thanks for Everything,
Julie Newmar
East Village, NYC 1994 Ralph Fiennes
and Jennifer Lopez, 
Maid In Manhattan, 
NYC 2001 Robert Downey Jr.
One Night Stand
East Village, NYC 1996 Sean Penn
State Of Grace
Times Square, NYC 1989 Shirley MacLaine
Marcello Mastroianni 
and Jack Lemmon 
Used People
Astoria, NYC 1991 Sidney Lumet and
Andy Garcia,
Night Falls on Manhattan,
1 Police Plaza,
NYC 1996 Tom Hanks and 
Bruce Willis
Bonfire of the Vanities
The Bronx, NYC 1989 Will Smith
Six Degrees of Separation
Central Park, NYC 1992