Rock n Roll Gods and Garage Band Kings

Eddie Van Halen
Madison Square Garden
NYC 1984

Eddie Van Halen Madison Square Garden NYC 1984

Van Halen was a force to be reckoned with from the very beginning. Eddie's guitar style was so fresh because at the time no one else had developed it. They also proved that you could lose your lead singer and still play to big arenas. They were a hard working band from the start and would play the Palladium every two weeks on various bills before signing to Warner Bros. They were also very secretive because during their sound checks the hall was closed to everyone. I mean the maintenance man couldn't sweep up the litter until the band finished their rehearsal. They brought new attributes to the rock arena. They brought a lead singer who could do gymnastic splits in mid air while wearing chaps with no pants underneath to cover up his cheeks. They brought a bass player who would drink straight Jack Daniels before, during and after a solo, a drummer who didn't mind playind a solo forever and a guitarist who smoked. This band was one of the first groups to earn the status of a super group from America. They still play huge arenas around the world and it's nice to see them still rock.

Black Sabbath
Electric Lady Studios
NYC 1998 Dion
NYC 1985 Elvis Costello
Tatou, NYC 1991 Janes Addiction
Beacon Theatre
NYC 1987 Joey Ramone
The Ritz Lenny Kravitz 
aka Romeo Blue
Madison Square Garden
NYC 1998 Mick Jagger
The Ritz
NYC 1985 Red Hot Chili Peppers
NYC 1989 Robert Smith
1992 Yngwie Malmsteen
The Royalton Hotel 
NYC 1988 Alice Cooper 
1997 Axl Rose with
Guns and Roses
Felt Forum
NYC 1988 Bo Diddley
Chicago, 2007 Bono with U2
Madison Square Garden
NYC 1983 Bruce Springsteen
Madison Square Garden
NYC 1983 David Bowie
Madison Square Garden
NYC 1983 Eddie Van Halen
Madison Square Garden
NYC 1984 Elton John
Madison Square Garden
NYC 1983 Jerry Lee Lewis
The Ritz
NYC 1989 Jon Bon Jovi
Madison Square Garden
NYC 1983 Michael Hutchinson 
with Inxs 
The Ritz 
NYC 1983 Prince
The Ritz
NYC 1984 Ray Davies
Beacon Theatre
NYC 1983 Robert Plant
1998 Stevie Ray Vaughan
The Palladium
NYC 1988 Trent Reznor 
with NIN
Irving Plaza
NYC 1996 The Who
Madison Square Garden
NYC 1996